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2012 Wyomng Constitutional Amendment A Information

2012 Wyoming Constitutional Amendment A Information.

Wyoming Constitutional Amendment A Passed with a 77% Majority on November 6th, 2012.

There is much discussion concerning whether or not Wyoming voters should vote YES or NO on Wyoming Constitutional Amendment A, a ballot initiative that will be on your ballot on November 6th, 2012.  Here is some history to help you decide which way to vote.

This Constitutional Amendment was passed with more than the required 2/3 majority vote in both the House and the Senate during the 2011 Legislative Session.  The Primary Sponsor was then freshman Senator Leslie Nutting (R-Cheyenne) who served her entire career in the medical profession.  She fully understands the need for Wyoming voters to stand against federal mandates in healthcare.

When WyWatch learned that there would be opposition, although we still have not fully comprehended their viewpoint, we wanted to make sure that our members had access to the information that we have regarding this important decision.

We have talked to numerous conservative (pro-life/pro-family) legislators who supported the amendment in 2011 and their support is unwavering to this day. We also contacted numerous attorneys, two of whom have a strong Constitutional training background.  We have linked their opinions below.

The simplified version of WyWatch's official position comes down to this.  If Amendment A fails we have absolutely no recourse against the burdensome tax (penalties) of Obamacare that may be implemented or something similar that may be implemented.  The claims of the opposition that this amendment establishes a "right" to health care have been disproved by Constitutional Attorneys linked below.  They point out that the Wyoming State Legislature already has the power to create state regulated healthcare with or without this amendment passing

WyWatch is not in favor of any state styled Obamacare type legislation.   We plan to be forever vigilant in standing against state regulated plans as well.

2012 Constitutional Amendment A (as it passed the 2011 State Legislature)

2012 Constitutional Amendment A Ballot Language (From the Secretary of State's website)

Scott W. Somerville's Analysis of Wyoming's Constitutional Amendment A

Stephen Klein (From Wyoming Liberty Group's) Analysis of Opposition to Amendment A

WyWatch PAC simply asks you to vote YES on Wyoming's Proposed Constitutional Amendment A.  A Yes vote is a Yes to freedom.  Help us continue to Guard Faith, Family, and Freedom in Wyoming and support Constitutional Amendment A on November 6th, 2012. Please remember that if you don't vote at ALL on this Amendment it will be considered a NO vote.  So please do not simply ignore this Amendment.

Below is more information that can be found on this subject:

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