End-to-end Web Solutions and results


Custom templates, plugins, or even basic WooCommerce sites.  Start ramping up your online store today.

Custom Sites

Anyone can slap a logo on a template. But to get a site that actually gets results, you need skills beyond the technical. It’s about strategy.

Web Apps

Automate repetitive tasks. Cut your business overhead. Or start up a new online business. With custom web apps, you can do anything online.


E-Commerce doesn’t have to be hard. With WooCommerce it’s easy and with custom integration with your POS, it can even talk with your inventory.

Web Design

Don’t tolerate an eye sore for your website. Get a site that matches your brand that you would be proud to put your name on.


Custom themes, custom plugins, WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, and more. What if you could do anything with your WordPress site?


Custom themes, custom modules, Views, CCK, Panels, version upgrades and more. Super charge your Drupal website with complete customization.

Hack Repair

Got hacked? Get help fixing your website and then keep hackers out for good with ongoing maintenance for your site.

Ready to get started?

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Web Development
Shouldn't Have to Suck

Web development sucks! If you've ever worked with a web designer or web developer before, you know exactly why. Deadlines and budgets? Those are suggestions, right? Experts? Those are people that have heard of the technology you need once before, right? Beautiful aesthetics and enjoyable user experience? What are those? If you've ever worked with another design or development agency before, you know that it's nearly impossible to find someone you can rely on. All you're looking for is someone who does what they say they're going to do when they say they're going to do it, watches out for your interests, and actually knows how to do what you need better than you do. That should be easy to find, shouldn't it?
While it should be easy to find, it turns out that it's not. Bait and switch, promises that aren't kept, "expertise" as a relative term, "yes men", lack of vision, spontaneous developer disappearances, endless excuses, and ever increasing budgets are the norm. And that, frankly, sucks. And exactly THAT is what VRAZER was built to fix. When you need branding, marketing, development or security done and done "right" so that you're glad you paid what you paid and happy to slap your name on the work you've received, you bring in VRAZER. And not only does the work get done and done right, but you enjoy the ride as we work with you to bring your marketing and efficiency dreams to life.

It’s incredible.¬† I just did a full month’s worth of work inside my first two hours using the app you guys built.

– Casey Johnson

Oracle could learn a thing or two from you guys.

– Diana Medina

I’ve never before met someone that you can describe a problem to, that then disappears for a little while and brings you back a perfect solution.

– Tony San Pietro

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